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  • csm_s-efax_55367a63da

    The eFax Trap!

    TICO BULL by Rico – Who sends a fax anymore? I can’t remember the reason why but some months ago […]

  • This is my tray for burning coffee. This is from the burn last night.

    I Burn Coffee To Keep Insects Away

    Every night, especially during the rainy season, my house fills with insects. Nasty insects that want to feed. What to […]

  • The Ruta 27 tolls at Escazu

    No Free Passes On The Ruta 27

    Tolls on the Ruta 27 are never free because of contract allowing concessionaire to calculate queue times.

  • taxis-abandonados-1

    It’s Never Happened Before

      (TICO BULL) The hooligans, also known as official taxi drivers or ‘taxistas’ in Spanish were out in full force […]

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