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    The BULL and BAD Parking In Costa Rica

    Breaking the bad parking habit can be hard. For the longest time, anyone could park anywhere and mostly without consequences. The least from the Policia de Transito (traffic police), whose officials were powerless to move or ticket parked vehicle if (as in the most cases) the driver was not present. But that all changed on […] More

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    Something is wrong here…the con job is over!

    Rico’s TICO BULL – Last Saturday, I had the occasion to visit the Irazu volcano. Didn’t get to see much, it was late in the afternoon and clouded over. Besides it was a cool 11 Celsius (52 Fahrenheit) at 3,432 meters (11,259 feet) above sea level, for which, other than the 5 minutes braved in the […] More

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    The U.S.A. Is Not America!

    Invariably, in gatherings of Americans, Ticos and other Latins, the subject of what is America comes up. Growing up in Canada, someone from the United States of America is called “American”, while everyone north of the 49th is “Canadian”. However, south of the U.S. border, like in Costa Rica, though I have had similar conversations […] More

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    Do You Sit In The Back Seat or Front?

    Hail a cab or call an Uber in any city in the U.S. or Canada and the driver will likely look at you funny if you get in the front seat. But in places like Costa Rica or Colombia, opting for the backseat is considered rude and snobby. This is but one of the customs […] More

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    Time To Put A Stop To Costa Rica’s “Pura Birra” Culture

    EDITORIAL – Costa Rica’s Judicial System Broken. Really Broken. Once again we have proof that Costa Rica’s judiciary system is broken. I mean really broken. Once too many times we have seen a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs kill and be set free to, well, probably leave the country and away from […] More

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    A Synopisis of the Cementazo Scandal

    Rico’s TICO BULL – So far I have stayed away from reporting the Cementazo (cement scandal). In the words of a dear friend, it’s just gotten boring. In fact, the first few stories in La Nacion daily are about the Cementazo. At the risk of boring you here, here is a brief summary of the […] More

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    What Is Winter Like In Costa Rica?

      While still in the Canadian north, Toronto actually, as winter nears and many start to look south for their escape from the cold and snow that they know well is around the corner, one of the most often asked questions of yours truly is, what’s winter like in Costa Rica? Costa Rica does not […] More

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    You Can’t Take Pictures of Public Buildings In Costa Rica?

    Rico’s TICO BULL – Journalist Freddy Serrano writes on social media he was verbally and physically assaulted by a private security guard, by the last name Santos, at the Antigua Aduana (old customs building) while taking photos of the building, a public building, and from the sidewalk. Freddy writes, “Santos told me that I could not […] More

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    “Pop”, Major League Baseballs Made In Costa Rica

    While in Toronto (Canada) this week, I got a chance to a see Blue Jays baseball game on Saturday. And true to Jays’ style this season, they lost. Saturday’s game was the second of the three games with the Yankees, winning on Friday, losing Saturday and probably lose today, Sunday, the last home game of […] More

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    My “Impugnacion” (Traffic Ticket Appeal)

    Of the few traffic tickets I had to pay to the Cosevi, the others were a matter of a direct payment to the traffic cop, I appealed only one, a ¢300,000+ colones fine for having tinted windows. It was back in 2012, a reform of the traffic law raised traffic fines from a few thousand […] More

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    The BULL At The Convention Center

    TICO BULL by Rico – In redacting the article Bureaucracy And The New Convention Center I couldn’t wrap my head around the BULL of the Comptroller General (CGR) having their shorts up their crack in approving the tender process to hire an administrator company to run the new convention center. At the base of the […] More

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    Otton Solis: The Man Who Would Be President, Thrice Removed

    TICO BULL – If one can’t be president directly, legislators in Ticolandia, at least, can aspire to be as close to the presidential chair by running for the president of Legislative Assembly. Although the election is only for one year, from May 1 of the current year to April 30 the following, the President of […] More

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