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    A Coca Stir

    Did you know that parliament is an anagram of partial men? Or, Clint Eastwood an anagram of Old West Action? Someone once said, “All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.” So, what is the anagram […]

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    How To Raise A Jewish Dog!

    Couldn’t resist this one, broke me up laughing. Morty visits Dr. Saul, the veterinarian, and says, “My dog has a problem. ” Dr. Saul says, “So, tell me about the dog and the problem. ” “It’s a Jewish dog. His […]

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    Some Of The Most Absurd Things About Modern Life!

    This question was posed on Quora, one of my all time favourite websites, where you get to read answers of some really interesting and some really dumb questions. Of course you get to ask you own questions and even answer […]

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    Capitalism Explained

    TICOBULL – This Is So Accurate It Hurts. Found this on, thought I was worth sharing it. At the end I added my version of Tico Capitalism. TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a […]

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    Th Stud Bull Turned Civil Servant

    This is a story about civil servants that made me laugh, but, at the same time is so right on. It was sent to me in Spanish, here is my best at the translation. A farmer had bull, the best […]