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    Alto? No, its “Alato” & “Aloto”

    Residents of Mercedes Sur de Heredia are pretty upset – and with good reason – with their municipality for this waste of resources. The proper “stop” in Spanish is “Alto”. But, drivers recenlty faced “alato” or “loto”. Say what? Just […]

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    Parked Car, No Problemo!

    This occured in San Ramon. Parked car? No problem, just work around it. Duh? Why make like so complicated, like having to locate the owner, ask him or her to move it. Or coordinating with the local traffic police office […]

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    What Traffic Light?

    Traffic engineering? Recently traffic ligths were installed at the intersection in the area of the Ojo de Agua, in Belén. Look closely and you will notice that the traffic light is only for flow through of the main road, someone […]

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    I See No Problem Here

    What, never seen a chicken fall on the ground? It’ll wash off. This photo was captured on the sidewalk of one of downtown’s markets.