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    San Jose Already Has A Charge To Enter Its Vehicular Restriction

    (TICO BULL by Rico) The ministry of Non Transport and Public Works (NO-MOPT) is considering charging a “toll” to enter the vehicle restricted area of San Jose. The proposal is modeled after the London’s “congestion charge” and included in the […]

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    Café Con Cuerpo, A Super Place!

    TICO BULL by RICO (Not a review, but something like it) The newly opened cafeteria “Cafe con cuerpo” in San Jose has sparked a debate between those who support and those who criticize the place for their “sexy dressed waitresses“. […]

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    Moron Drivers

    TICO BULL by Rico – The Q doesn’t normally report on traffic accidents. Impossible, not enough space on the internet to list them all. But this one is to point of the growing problem of lack of respect of traffic […]

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    Use Vinegar To Get Spiders Out Of Your House

    TICO BULL by Rico – We are in the worst of the worst of the rainy season. And the reason why you may see a more than normal share of bugs and arachnids inside your house. More if living near […]

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    Shopping at Pricesmart in Costa Rica

    TICO BULL by Rico – Often I get asked why I shop at Pricesmart. The answer is simple and complicated at the same time, in that I can get better pricing on many things and items that you cannot find […]

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    What’s With All The Drumming?

    TICO BULL by Rico – If you are visiting or new to living in Costa Rica, you may be wondering what’s all the drumming about. It’s Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) and drumming is part of the tradition. For […]

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    The eFax Trap!

    TICO BULL by Rico – Who sends a fax anymore? I can’t remember the reason why but some months ago I set up an account with eFax, a company offering online the sending and receiving of faxes. This post is […]

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    I Burn Coffee To Keep Insects Away

    Every night, especially during the rainy season, my house fills with insects. Nasty insects that want to feed. What to do? I live in a house surround by lots of grass, trees, creeks on each side and an empty lot […]