Childhood Classic – The Ice Cream Sandwich


TICO BULL – If there is one thing has stayed with me from my childhood is the ice cream sandwich. Today, in my fifth decade of living I still enjoy the treat as if it where the first time.

A layer of ice cream sandwiched between two biscuits. What could be simpler? And still tastes great.

In Costa Rica, the ice cream sandwich is made by Pops and very similar to the way it is in North America, with a slice of vanilla or strawberry flavoured ice crean, sandwiched between two chococlate rectangular wafers.

When reaching in to the local store’s freezer, however, you have to be careful. For some reason, I suspect economics, the vanilla and strawberry box is the same – the only difference is a sticker indicating the flavour. Inside the box, the individual wrappers are the appropriate colours: white for vanilla and pink for strawberry.

Personally I don’t like the strawberry, can’t beat the vanilla.

My only p. off about the ice cream sandwhich in Costa Rica is its freshness. Only a few times in all my years (almost two decades now) in Costa Rica have I had a fresh sandwhich – you know, the biscuit is still crunchy and not soft and soggy. My theory is the handling between the factory and the store freezer. I don’t think Ticos (Costa Ricans) really understand the taste difference between a crisp and soggy ice cream sandwich biscuit.

How do you eat yours?

Now, like most, how are they made? My quest for the answer landed me on this great video on Youtube.

Written by Rico


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