Did anyone notice, the horses where going the wrong way?

Traffic light serves as a hitching post
Traffic light serves as a hitching post

TICO BULL – Something was wrong, I just couldn’t out my finger on it. Watching the live images of the Tope (horse parade) Friday, the horses were going up the hill of Avenida Segunda instead of down.

I had to take a double and triple take, the CCSS building was to the left of the screen (instead of the right), the parade was moving west instead of east. Am I seeing this right?

For all the years I have been in Costa Rica, the horses and their riders gathered in the area of La Sabana park, where they then start making their way east on Paseo Colon, onto Avenida Segunda, a right by the Plaza de la Democracia, ending up at Plaza Viquez on the south side of downtown San José.

This year it was the total opposite, the horses and their riders started at Plaza Viquez and moved through downtown, towards the lion statue (Leon Cortes) in La Sabana.

Why was there a change? I asked around, no one could give me an answer. And emails to the organizers have gone unanswered.

Written by Rico


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