Government Announces Pride Drop in Rice, But Not Until June. Is This a Joke?


TICO BULL – This is a complete joke, pulling the chain of the hard working people of this country, trying to make ends meet in the face of the rising cost of living.

On Monday (March 2, 2015),  the government announced a reduction of ¢52 colones per bag of two kilos of 80% whole gran rice (80/20), BUT, the price drop won’t take effect until June 8. YES, you read it right, June – three months away!

The ¢52 colones may not seem much to many, but consider a family on a budget, consuming several bags of rice a week, that over a month can equal to about a half day’s salary.

The price of rice in Costa Rica is regulated. The new price, IN JUNE, will be ¢1.262 (from ¢1.314) for a 2 kg. bag of 80/20 and ¢631 (from ¢657) for a 1 kg. bag.

The monthly demand in Costa Rica for milled rice is 19.271 tons, according to the Corporación Arrocera Nacional (Conarroz) – national Rice Corporation.

I mean, June? Is this for serious? I am afraid so.

Source: Bolsa de arroz bajará ¢52 el 8 de junio próximo

Written by Rico


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