Have Your Cedula or Passport For Riteve OR No Inspection

The next you take your car in for inspection at Riteve make sure you have with your residency or citizenship cedula or passport AND your driver’s license.

Photo by Riteve
Photo by Riteve

A new rule being blamed on the government by Riteve that you need to have proper identification with you – not just any picture ID, like a driver’s license –  or your vehicle will not be inspected.

The new rule went into effect last week. I found out about the hard way.

I have been making at least four trips to Riteve a year (four vehicles and one or two re-inspections) for some years. Growing up in Canada, I am not accustomed to carrying a cedula or passport, my Costa Rica’s driver license has always been all I needed. Except for banking. And now not anymore at Riteve.

My reasons for not carrying the documents other my driver license has always been: one, I rarely do things that need the documents, and two, they are safe at home. Getting a replacement driver license is simple, compared to a replacement cedula, even worse a passport, which requires a detailed police report of the reasons and the why it was lost.

Thus, the new policy at Riteve is, in addition to your vehicle registration, not the Marchamo, but the property title, you will need your cedula or passport to get the inspection ticket and then show the inspector (if you can call them that) your driver’s license.

In my particular case, I had the full inspection done two weeks ago. Problems with gas emissions – long story of sensors on Cadillacs – failed the initial test.

On re-inspection yesterday I had no idea of the new policy.  I am known at the Alajuelita station, on a first name basis with the supervisor. But no dice yesterday, get your documents and you can get in line for re-inspection. I mean, come on, this is Riteve. I pay, they inspect the vehicle, they give you a sticker.  I always questioned the need for the property title since their computers tell the whole story.

My comment to Eduardo that this is just another example of making living life difficult in Costa Rica didn’t go over well.
In the end, I had to go back home to get my ID to get the car inspected.

Written by Rico


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