Irresponsible Reporting Blames “Gringo” For Murder of Entire Family in Dota

(TICO BULL) I am not an American so it shouldn’t bother me, but it does, since many of my friends and acquaintances in Costa Rica are.

The Diario Extra, in its sensationalism reporting is speculating that a “Gringo”, yes, they used word, is responsible for the brutal murder of an entire family in Copey de Dota this week.

Although they claim that it is only supposition, I can bet that most readers – especially Ticos – will immediately cling on the Gringo and entirely miss “speculation”.

What is even worse, is that an online English online news site (I won’t mention the name) is adding to the sensationalism, the headline reading “US Expat Suspected in Murder of Family of 4 in Costa Rica“.

According to theDiario Extra, the self touted most sold newspaper in the country and mirrored on the English site, Ramón Suárez Espinoza, the father and one of the four victims, was involved along with a taxi driver to rob a Gringo of US$3.000. The Gringo is said to have then gone to the house, confronted Suarez, (who gave back the money or part of the money), made threates and then returned to take vengeance on the entire family: Suarez, his wife and his two children, a boy 11 and a girl 9, the latter found in her bed, blindfolded, hands tied behind her back and stabbed in the abdomen. Only the Diario Extra makes mention that the little girl had legs open, was not wearing any underwear, but with shoes on.

This is a sad story anyway it is written. But to write speculation as it were the truth is irresponsible and offensive to every American expat and visitor to Costa Rica.

None of the authorities, including the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) have made mention of a “gringo” or “foreigner” as possible perpetrators. All they have said so far is that their investigation is following several angles, theories, suppositions, and speculations, but no mention of what they are.

Join me with your comments below to let the Diario Extra and the English online source know what you think of this.

Written by Rico


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