Is No News Good News?

TICOBULL – Tomorrow will be a week since Ryan Piercy went missing. We all learned of the his disappearance the following day, on Wednesday January 21.

I don’t normally watch the evening local television news (channel 7) partly because I don’t like the attitude of the main anchor and partly because it is a rehash of the afternoon news. Channel 6 is not even worth the effort to change the channel, in my opinion.

On this night, I was curious about the political mess that was going at the time, and here in the headlines was a photo of my friend, Ryan. He was missing. In fact, it had been more than 24 hours since he had gone missing.

As OIJ (akin to the FBI in the US and RCMP in Canada), either he went missing on his own or someone made him disappear. It sounds a lot better in Spanish and with the charm  of Francisco Segura.

Since then I have dug around for information. I wish I could tell you I know more than you know.

Ryan was as straight-laced as they come. I’ve known him professionally for some years, we met every so often at the ARCR seminars, on a few occasions during my (and his) early morning walks around the La Sabana park. A few times even at some bar. I don’t drink, neither does he. We have friends in common who do.

I reached out to friends who know him and his family, but nothing. The family is saying anything more than, either they don’t know or can’t say.

I have to keep a positive attitude in that no news is good news.

Typically bad news travels fast, especially with today’s social networks and smartphones. But still nothing.

Here’s wishing Ryan a speedy and safe return home.

Written by Rico


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