Looking for a woman to cook and clean house and sex!

Ad by “40 year-old handsome man” appears on Costa Rica Craigslist

(TICO BULL by Rico) There was a time in Costa Rica when before the Craigslist, Encuentra24 and the like,  prints ads would appear in newspapers like La Nacion and the Diaro Extra of foreigners (expats) looking for women, albeit guised as a job offer.

I remember a few would open a post office box (not an easy feat in those days) to receive letters with photos. In those days there was no Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and all the other social media of today to share photos and information. Heck, cell phones, for the few who had them, were only to make and receive calls.

It was a time when hiring a maid almost mean sex was included in the chores of cleaning the apartment, washing the dishes and doing the laundry.

But I thought, until yesterday, that had all gone away. The “viejo verdes” (the Spanish term for perverted old men) had passed on and the newer generation was a different lot. Was I wrong.

This ad appeared on Craigslist on Monday: “Looking for a woman to cook and clean house. It’s not much work, but I want sex also I am handsome, this is discreet and ‘arita’ (sic), needs to live with me in the mountains, send photo and number. Compensation $600 monthly. Full-time.”

The screenshot of the ad appearing on Craigslist

This is Costa Rica, what kind of loser is this guy that, at 40 and according to him handsome, has to place an ad to find a woman to have sex with?

In those days gone by I ran a social experiment: with the help of my secretary, I placed a (print) ad in La Nacion for a girlfriend. The wording was something like this, “looking for a full time girlfriend, pay ¢50.000 colones monthly“. That was when ¢50.000 was almost US$200. I got more than 40 calls that day, I had my secretary at the time to take the calls after the first few. The ad ran for three days (the minimum for La Nacion then) and got over 200 calls that week.

But, in 2016?

Here’s a novel idea, Mr. Handsome, just take a stroll down the Avenida Central (Boulevard) and if you are really as handsome and 40 as you say, women will be turning their heads; getting numbers won’t be that difficult.

Or the local malls, bars, doctors offices, at the dentist, heck even at McDonalds. Women are everywhere, some may even like you for you and not your money.


Written by Rico


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