My Downtown DQ Fix Is Gone!

TICO BULL — I waited more than 15 years to be able to walk downtown San José and have a chocolate dipped con from Dairy Queen.

dq-treats-wafflecone-chocolateconeWhen DQ opened the first store in Escazú last year, wow. Even more when they opened the downtown, ties to the Popeye’s chicken. The DQ and Popeye’s franchises are owned by the same investor.

With the DQ downtown, it was time again to head for an afternoon stroll on the Bulevar. But, the horror yesterday when, with my wallet in hand found the DQ stand gone. Not closed, actually gone, as it never was.

I was just there a little over a week ago. Now, now more.

This means I have to now get in my car, drive to one the malls to get my DQ fix.

What’s so special about DQ, you ask?  There is nothing like a DQ chocolate covered cone.  Not even their raising the price of more than ¢300 colones – 30% – and what I am sure is a smaller cone (less content) for the large that DQ call medium) in the past six months.

Getting a DQ cone downtown meant I could burn the energy walking and gawking the downtown streets. Just not the same in te malls.

Written by Rico


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