Now that will stop traffic! Photos reveal runway that crosses a four-lane main road and is one of the most extreme airports in the world


TICOBULL – Many a visitor, as many of us foreigners living in Costa Rica and nationals wonder about the strange things that go on in the country. One of the those if the airport.

The Juan Santamaría international airport (SJO), located in the province of Alajuela, 18 km west of San José, sits on the south side of the autopista Bernardo Soto section of the Interamericana Norte (Ruta 1).

The east end of the runway adjoins the street that winds to Belén. You can almost reach out and the touch the airplanes as they land or take off. Many on weekends make it a day of watching the airplanes.

Before asking the why, browing the internet  I cam cross some airports that beat out the craziness of Costa Rica’s busiest, like that Gibraltar.

Photos reveal runway that crosses a four-lane main road and is one of the most extreme airports in the world. It means that cars travelling along Winston Churchill Avenue must stop for planes several times a day.

For about 10 minutes, traffic stays at a standstill to allow a flights to depart and arrive from UK cities including London, Birmingham, or Manchester.

A pair of barriers close ahead of every landing and departure, which currently number around 30 a week, all flying to and from the United Kingdom.

The airport is just 500 metres from the centre of Gibraltar – the shortest commute of any major airport in the world. As well as serving cars and other vehicles, the road also carries pedestrians in and out of Gibraltar.

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