‘Sleeping With The Enemy’

Have you had enough? I know I have. It’s been days of gossips, accusations and counter-accusations over the Sele coach.  I am not really sure what happened, and don’t really care.


What it does is tarnish the image we all have of Costa Rica’s triumph in the World Cup in Brazil, an image of a group of underdogs taking on three World Cup champions and advancing to a level no other Costa Rican team has before.

And all under the watch of Jorge Luis Pinto.

So, he quit. Lets move forward. If he was such a lousy coach why did they, Costa Rica’s soccer federation, Fedefutbol, keep him on?

What does all the gossip and accusations prove?

On his personal website, the 61-year-old Colombian said, “I realized I would not be able to count on conditions to carry out my work …  it hurts me to leave Costa Rica because I did an outstanding job here.”

Pinto’s contract ended after the World Cup in Brazil. He and the Fedefutbol couldn’t come to terms for a new contract, “it wasn’t possible to reach an agreement,” in the words of Pinto.

At the press conference last week, Fedefutbol president, Eduardo Lee, confirmed that the two parties had not managed to agree on terms on a new contract.

OK, maybe Pinto was out of turn in speaking out on the conditions he had been working under, in his words, “sleeping with the enemy for the last 18 months.” He was hurt. He had given his all to Costa Rica.

But, what shocked me is Lee and assistant coach Pablo Wanchope, after the press conference, running over to Teletica for a television appearance. And TeleDeportes for airing a one side interview.

In the words of Pinto’s wife, Claudia Uribe, “…not worth wasting my time on this.”

Hopefully this is all done, Fedefutbol now focuses on getting a new coach and start the process to even better in Russia in 2018.

Written by Rico


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