So, Where’s The Alboroto?

(TICO BULL) Alboroto is the Spanish word for outrage, rampage, mayhem, rowdiness, noise, etc.  that Ticos (Costa Ricans) are famous for things like this, that and the other.

This landslide on the Ruta 27 last month caused an outrage, yet nothing of this week's landslide on the 32
This landslide on the Ruta 27 at the beginning of the month caused an outrage …
... , yet nothing of this week's landslide on the 32
…  yet nothing of this week’s landslide on the 32

So where is it this week? What am I talking about? Simple.

The Ruta 32, the major road that connects San Jose and the port city of Limon, the main gateway for the import and export of goods, is closed. I mean totally shut down. And will be for a few days more. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, could be even longer still.

The first closure was on Monday at kilometre 58, at the Rio Blanco bridge, when the river water damaged one of the bridge’s suppor pillars. Quick work by the non-efficient, management laden and corrupt (alleged) MOPT re-opened passage on Tuesday.

But, while crews were working at the 58, nature was working against them at kilometre 19, when a landslide dumped more than 7,500 cubic metres of mud and debris onto the road.

The road was expected to have re-opened by tomorrow, Friday, but, another landslide yesterday complicated things. Now, in the words of the MOPT, it could be the weekend. Maybe.

So, where is all the fuss? The protests? The alboroto?

Nothing. Nothing from anyone, including the media that are first to jump that ride.

Remember at the beginning of the month, when a lesser landslide occurred on the 27?  Being a toll road, operated under concession and not the MOPT itself. Globalvia (of foreign capital) was, once again, heavily criticized for poor contruction and maintenance and threatened with hell to pay.

So why nothing on the 32?

Maybe everyone is used to landslides, road closures, fatal traffic accidents and more on this road, while on the 27 more is expected?

Maybe, and only speculation on my part, we all keep quiet because we don’t want our drivers license revoked for criticizing the MOPT.

When it comes to the 27, the MOPT is on the side of the users, and so they shoule, but when it comes to all the other roads, well…best we keep quiet, after all this is the land of Pura Vida.

Written by Rico


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