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Some Of The Most Absurd Things About Modern Life!




This question was posed on Quora, one of my all time favourite websites, where you get to read answers of some really interesting and some really dumb questions. Of course you get to ask you own questions and even answer some or all if you feel up to the challenge.

On thes question “What are some of the most absurd things about modern life?” there are 35 answers (as of this morning), here some of the better answers (according to me):

  1. 1000+ Facebook Friends, not a single friend to share joy with.
  2. Invitation through facebook for every occasion and no time to call and invite. (Thousands of friends invited, less than 10 present for the ocassion).
  3. Parents make us educated and we don’t have time to attend their funeral at the required time (We are busy enough to realize that our parents have become old enough and they need us).
  4. Work Hard for your kids and suddenly you realize, you kid is no more a kid 🙁 .
  5. We are made to believe we need things to be happy. We run after those things and still do not find happiness.
  6. We earn for our family, but have no time to spend with them.
  7. We have forgotten to slow down and live life.
  8. People are forgetting how to cook.  I can’t say how many friends I have that eat out at restaurants every night.
  9. Materialistic things have greater priority than relationships.  We seem to know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.
  10. We surround ourselves with all the latest gadgets, comforts and facilities thinking that they will keep us happy and yet keep searching for happiness.
  11. Bragging much about the smart phones we recently brought , 300 contacts , accounts in every social app but when its comes to a need to talk to someone about how life has been lately – none to be found.
  12. People now believe that showing off and making other people believe that they are happy is a way to convince themselves that they are leading a fruitful life.
  13. We realize all this at some point in our life, but still make our kids go through the same cycle.

However, this artwork is probably the most precise (and scary) portrayal of modern life. Steve Cutts is a London-based illustrator and animator who uses powerful images to criticize the sad state modern life and society.

Greed, environmental destruction,junk food and TV consumption, smartphone addiction and the exploitation of animals are all issues that have inspired his work.

Cutts worked in the corporate world before choosing to go freelance, and his vitriol for the rat race really shows, especially here…


Cutts used to work at an advertising agency with global brand clients including Coca Cola, Google, Reebok, Magners, Kellogg’s, Virgin, 3, Nokia, Sony, Bacardi and Toyota. It’s no surprise he was left with so many ideas for these thought-provoking images.

His illustrations capture all the stress, despair and frustration of our dog-eat-dog world, one in which we are persuaded to consume sh*t and destroy the planet in order to keep the corporate wheels turning.

It’s true that Cutts’s art is depressing, but only because his images are so close to the truth. Here is a selection of some of his best works:

Arrrgh! It’s Monday again


Jessica and Roger relax at home


The Fatcat




Dinner is served…


A bull provides the daily news through a cleverly designed toilet-TV


‘Circle of life’


Just another day in the office…


This image in particular rings true for most of us


A very apt illustration of humanity’s ecocide


Santa’s real workshop


‘Scream Queen’


A critique of consumerism


‘The trap’


‘The final handshake’, from his short animation ‘MAN’.


‘The King’


If you like Steve’s work, please share this article. You can also check out his website or like his Facebook page.

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Tico Humour

Satire: Two Bags Of Chinese Cement For A New Account At The BCR





Open an account and the BCR will give you two bags of Chinese cement, while supplies last!

The happy days of banking are back at the State bank, the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR).

In an attempt to woo customers, the bank has taken the unusual decision to offer two bags of Chinese cement to all customers opening an account at the bank.

The promo comes with “as long as supplies last”, urging potential news customers to hurry to not miss out on this great promotion.

The bank says there is no limit on the number of accounts.

The news is spreading fast, the bank says it expects long lines at all branches.

On the social media the BCR is being referred to as the “Banco de Cemento” (Cement Bank).

This is a satire article, the content is pure fiction, made up, not real news. The promo does not exist. As far as we know the BCR is not offering bags of cement to its new clients.

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Zapping: Activists Propose Costa Rica Rid Itself Of Ugly People






TICO BULL – In his article last weekend in La Nacion’s entertainment section, Alessandro Solís Lerici, proposes that Costa Rica urgently needs a National Chamber of Beauty (Cámara Nacional de la Belleza, in Spanish).

Lerici says he has had enough of enough of ugly people trolling our streets and their “disgusting form of dress”, and those that dare to represent the country abroad.

The writer applauds bloggers like Bloguera Monda, Tuitero Mero and Televidente Roca for using their influence to address the endemic problem of ugliness in the country, first with the creation of an entity that regulates our representatives in beauty contests and legislation to keep ugly people from public areas, leading eventually to diving the country into two territories – Costa Rica (for the beautiful people) and Costa Sosa (for the uglies), “as God intended”.

Lerici says that this should have been happening since the 1950s when more Latin Americans than Europeans began arriving, and the country has since been committing the “unforgivable” error of not controlling the export of beauty, which if nothing is done about it will end up in Costa Rica losing respect for its name around the world.

An example given is that of Keylor Navas, the Costa Rican goalie that captured the world with his performance in the FIFA World Cup 2014 and now is the star of the Real Madrid (in Spain).

“We could have trained equally another goalkeeper that was a little more refreshing, more graceful. That has to start from childhood (…),” writes Letici angrily.

“We all know that if Keylor had been handsome he would have won the Gold Glove, but it is our mistake for not foreseeing the problem for decades,” he added.

Mister Real Costa Rica, Mauricio Blanco

Mister Real Costa Rica, Mauricio Blanco

However, the straw that broke the camel was Mister Real Costa Rica last week in the Mister Real Universe. “It was a ‘estornaco’ (stomach churning?). We were close to a collective suicide of the handsome when we saw the news (…),” wrote Bloguera Monda.

But, preventive measures have begun. Churches across the country hare now giving courses on Saturdays on personal presentation and prohibit the participation of the masses. Monda is emphatic that Costa Rica lacks a Camara de Belleza.

The activists are using the social media like Facebook and Twitter to support the initiative, to defend the rights of Costa Ricans to be well represented in “stupid contests”, to be surrounded only by beautiful people.

Frustrated model Carolina Argollas published an emotional message on Facebook, of the high hopes she has for this movement, bringing together the “superficiality that forces us to forget the insignificance of existence”.

The model wrote, “Being beautiful is a state of mind, it is wanting and working for it. You have to invest time and money, but if you are beautiful you can live in Costa Rica, there is nothing more rewarding.”

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Finally An App To Avoid Paying Tolls In Costa Rica (Video)





Finally an app(lication) for your smartphone to avoid paying tolls in  Costa Rica. The developer says it works 100% of the time. Guaranteed.  Watch the video.

Nueva aplicacion para no pagar pasaje, tienen que verla…Nueva aplicacion para no pagar peaje, tienen que verla…¿La usarias?

Posted by EgoModa on Friday, October 16, 2015


Now, before you say its bs, read carefully, “to avoid” paying tolls. The developer never said it would pay the tolls, fool the Quickpass.

Share it if you found it funny,

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