Th Stud Bull Turned Civil Servant

11701076_10204482753496087_4947284963835679575_nThis is a story about civil servants that made me laugh, but, at the same time is so right on. It was sent to me in Spanish, here is my best at the translation.

A farmer had bull, the best bull in the region. The locals discovered that the bull was the best stud, so they began to rent him. The bull should no mercy to any cow that crossed his path. He was fast and delivered every time.

The bull became the farmer’s sole source of income, the stud fees kept his family fed and sheltered.

One day the locals got together and decided to buy the bull so as not to depend any longer on the farmer.

They approached the farmer, asked him to set a price for his bull.

Not wanting to sell, the farmer decided on a ridiculous price, knowing well his neighbours couldn’t pay it.

So, the locals once again got together, this time asking their mayor to intervene, do something about the situation.

The mayor, using public funds agreed to pay the farmer his price. The bull now belonged to the town, working for the people.

On his first day on the job, the locals brought their cows. But something strange happened.

The brought the first cow and nothing. “It must be cow”, one of the locals said. A second cow and again nothing. This went on for days, turning to weeks.

The angry mayor called the former owner and demanded he solve the problem ….. for he had spent the taxpayer’s money and didn’t want them to think it all had been a scam.

The farmer agreed to pay the bull a visit.

He approached the bull and whispered in his year: “what’s up, you don’t want to work?”

The bull looked at the farmed and without missing a beat answered:

I’m a civil servant  now!


Written by Rico


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