The Bomberos Put On A Great Show


TICO BULL – It was a last minute decision, it had been years since I decided to take in the Festival de la Luz. But I was in the mood for some great fireworks.

With Avia, by faithful Husky, by my side we made the 15 minute walk from the house to the La Sabana park.

The fireworks show was spectacular.

But even more was the great show put on by the Bomberos (fire department), with more than a dozen vehicles  – from the old to the new, to an upclose look at the special fire truck stationed at the airport.


It was a quarter to seven when I felt a drop, at first thought it was coming off the leaves of a tree. It had rained a few hours earlier.

As we started our walk back, it began to drizzle. I could remember the words of a commentator an hour earlier saying it wasn’t going to rain, “the clouds over the mountains have clearer,” were his words.

Minutes after getting home, it started to pour. I turned on the parade on the idiot tube and it was pouring downtown, a few kilometres from my home. But, interesting, no one was leaving. It was clear by the few umbrellas that no one came prepared. It hadn’t rained ever before on the December festival.


In fact, it rained through most of the night, still raining when I started my day at about 3:30am (late for me, but hey it’s Sunday). It stopped about an hour later, just before the sun coming up, about 5am.

Written by Rico


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