The Perfect Vehicle for San Jose’s Traffic Mess


The RAHT Race may be the answer to San Jose’s traffic mess. This three wheeler is more than a bicycle, it can go as fast a car, but that doesn’t matter because San Jose’s traffic doesn’t move very fast.

This human electric hybrid bike also protects from the hot afternoon sun or downpours and saves having to go to the gym.

It also saves on gasoline since it uses none. Nope, just pedal power that generates enough electricity to power a laptop to browse the internet while sitting in traffic.

It is also designed towards safety featuring a roll cage, air bags and seat belts.

Even better, it doesn’t need a Marchamo or Riteve (vehicular inspection), since it is not a “motorized” vehicle.

Kronfeld was looking for financing to go commerical. His Kickstarter campaign had 191 backers and almost US$30,000 in pledges (goal was US$75,000) until it was cancelled last April. We can only hope he will kick start it again.





Inventor and founder of Raht Race, Rich Kronfeld, describes his latest vehicle as a “world’s first highway speed and highway safe bike vehicle.” Short for Recumbent Automobile Human Vehicle, but basically the hybrid vehicle boosts the cyclist pedal power to increase speeds to automobile level (top speeds clocking at 100 MPH). While still getting a workout, you are able to keep up with highway traffic and the composite body of the vehicle shields you from weather elements.

Inside the vehicle, you are can store a small bag or laptop, whatever you need on your commute. There is even a small seat if you care to take another rider, reducing even further a carbon footprint. Just make sure your second rider is not too large as you will be doing most of the hard work.

Powered by electricity generated by the cyclist’s pedal cadence, the Raht Race is the perfect marriage of workout and efficiency.

Written by Rico


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