The Salt Water Crocs Are The Man Eaters

The Caiman crocodilus photographed in the Sarapiqui river.
The Caiman crocodilus photographed in the Sarapiqui river. The species mainly feeds on birds and fish, and…

TICO BULL – Imagine yourself in Costa Rica, a crocodile (or Caiman as called in Spanish) comes at you, what do you do? One of the oldest wildlife survival tips out there maintains that the best way to outrun a crocodile is to follow a zigzagging pattern, since the reptile can’t make the quick turns.

But, according to, when MythBusters Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara traveled to Florida to get chased by hungry crocs, they didn’t even have a chance to show off their running skills. Tory pestered a poolside crocodile until it finally lunged at him, yet it didn’t care to give chase.

That’s because the premise of the busted myth is totally bogus; crocodiles rarely attack from land.

The predators prefer to ambush their targets from the water with a lightning-fast lunge.

As Tory’s croc encounter demonstrated, if you can escape the initial snap, you should be safe. And even if a crocodile takes off after you, they max out around 10 miles per hour, making it feasible to outrun them in a zigzag or straight line.

I suggest you don’t try this while visiting Costa Rica.

But, if you insist, keep in mind that the crocs in Costa Rica aren’t as tame as the ones in Florida. In fact, Florida alligators attack people, american crocodiles don’t, with the exception of a strange case in September 2014.

Croc attacks in Costa Rica are rare, the few have been mainly accidents caused by alcohol or stupidity. See #crocscostarica

And, according to experts, freshwater crocodiles like the ones in the Tarcoles river (you know the ‘crocodile bridge’ on the away to Jaco and Quepos) are considered almost harmless, it’s the salt water crocs that are the man eaters.

Written by Rico


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