Time For The Diario Extra To Changes Its Colours To Yellow

Typical Diario Extra front page.
Typical Diario Extra front page.

TICO BULL – Once again the Spanish language daily, the Diario Extra, that bills itself as the “most sold” newspaper in the country, has totally distorted a story.

We all know that the Diario is yellow journalism, using gory photos and catchy headlines to attract readers. We also all know no to take literal everyting the Dairo publishes, in print and online.
Take the case of the disappearance of Ryan Piercy. While official sources are keeping quiet and the mainstream publications like La Nacion only talk about the disappearance and the police investigation and nothing more, the Diario goes the extra mile and talks about a ransom amount, the form the payment and in a second story, the subsequent disappearance of Ryan’s son, Alejandro.

On the first, neither the family or police are confirming any ransom demand, less an amount. On the second, in Alejandro’s words, “it pure bs”. Alejandro spoke personally by telephone to a friend of mine, CZ (he asked that I don’t publish his name), that he was never missing, less kidnapped as the Diario claims. But,  Alejandro would not talk to CZ about his father.  Another friend, MC (again no names) told me about chatting online with Alejandro.

The other case is that of Bryan Quincy, the Canadian who yesterday plunged to his death from the Rio Grande bridge on the Ruta 27.

I personally spoke to two people who knew Bryan personally: his girlfriend of ten years and the manager of the hotel where he stayed in Jaco.

Both had a totally different story from that of the Diario: that he threw himself from the bridge due to problems with his wife, that he had been living with his taxi driver friend for weeks, in fact the article says the clothes he was wearing when he jumped were lent to him by the taxi driver.

I am still piecing the story together. What I did learn was that Bryan had terminal kidney cancer, and had recentlyundergone an operation in Canada.

His girlfriend, “Taty” (her nickname, again no real names), said they had had a relationship for the past ten years. On her Facebook page she talks about Bryan being ‘the love of her life’ and his role in her son’s life. The photo here is from that Facebook page, where Bryan, Taty and her son are together. (I cropped it for privacy sake).

Making the Diario situation worse is that one online English publication (again no names) taking the words of the Diario as true and factual, reporting the facts as the Diario tells it.

Written by Rico


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