What A Difference! My Continuing Saga With the AyA Bill

This month’s bill (left) and last month (right)

TICO BULL – Following up on “Lessons in Tico living the AyA water and sewer bill”, happy to report that I got my service changed from “ordinario” to “domiciliar”, and what a difference.

This month’s (August) water bill will only be ¢9.159 colones,  big different from ¢37.871 and the average of ¢25.000 – ¢28.000 the past couple of years, all with a simple change of category.

For instance, “ordinario”  in AyA parlance is business, while it could easily be understood as ordinary. Living in a residential house, ordinary would mean residence. But nooooo….
The house I have been living in for almost ten years was once used as a business. And since the name on the service has never changed – no need to, just keep paying the bill – I did not understand the AyA’s teminology of ordinario.

Foolish me I have been paying almost triple of what I should have been and for many years.

Now that I have the current bill rolled back, I will tackle the institution to give me back my money. At least for the July bill of ¢37.000. You see, AyA have a policy, you cannot argue the amount of a bill after four days due. Yep, it’s a rule that they stick buy.

Under normal circumstances I would have to accept the rule blindly. But, in this case, it has to be challenged. Like I could challenge the billing category after the four days, I should be able to challenge the retroactive billing as well.

I probably don’t stand a chance, but can’t hurt trying.

Will keep you posted.

Written by Rico


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