What’s With All The Drumming?

The Independence Day drums are part of the tradition

TICO BULL by Rico – If you are visiting or new to living in Costa Rica, you may be wondering what’s all the drumming about. It’s Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) and drumming is part of the tradition.

For the past more or so, children at schools all over the country have been practicing beating the drums, some taking part in any of the number of parades in small towns or cities on Thursday. It’s impossible to live in a small community (or close to a school in San Jose) without hearing the drumming all around you.

Today, Tuesday (Sept 13) the Independence Torch is set to arrive at the Peñas Blancas border, from Nicaragua, and then make its way to Cartago, for the ceremony on Thursday (Sept 15). All part of the tradition.

Across the country there will be parades, parties and more.

And the beating of the drums is part of it all.

BTW, Thursday is a legal holiday, professional and government offices and banks are closed. Many retail stores and commercial centres will also close for the day.


Written by Rico


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