Why Are So Many Content Working 9-6 Their Entire Life?

main-qimg-539604fcd914549228ddc50f011c926dLately I’ve become a fan of Quora, scanning through the questions and reading some of the answers. One im particular caught my attention, “Why are so many people content with just earning a salary and working 9-6 their entire adult life?”.

Why don’t more people want to get rich OR try to make a bigger impact that can change the world?

The following is an answer provided by Amanda Tendler, Traveler. Teacher. Thinker.

Here’s the actual answer to the question:

There’s an inverse correlation between contentedness and drive.

Here’s some background:

When you make enough money to live a comfortable life, it’s not worth the risk or time exchange or both for some to “change the world” in the sense that you mean.

Most people are content with the status quo. That’s human nature. That’s how societies work and become successful. There’s a shared set of goals and values and if you’ve achieved those in your society, a sense of belonging and pride tend to ensue.  Contentedness follows.

What about those that want to take it to another (not better or worse, just different) level? What are they faced with? Possibly risking all the time and relationships they’ve invested. I won’t even get into the amount of thinking, planning, creating, organizing, and hustling it takes for the average person to change levels. Some people don’t even know where to start and that takes the game from risky to impossible (if only in their own minds). Why wouldn’t they be content to just continue in the society where they’re successful enough?

That’s why most people will not ever take this risk. The risk itself is scary. They’re content. They can support their family quite well without much ado. AND THAT’S OKAY. We need those people. We need the stability because it allows those of us who want to take risks the luxury of being able to do so.

There will still be a grocery store, a bank, a hospital, public utilities, schools, and factories.  Most innovators, game changers, and people who are impacting the world rely on these services to become successful.

So in a sense, those who are content working the 9-6 jobs do change the world. You need the basic services they provide to move forward with your own ideas even if you’re going to start a juice stand and need produce from the market, who gets it from the farmer, who uses water from a well someone had to dig, not to mention the people who had to harvest the fruit and transport it.

Just imagine the amount of 9-6 people Apple needs to make the phone you’re going to do most of your business on.

This is how societies work:

Insofar as it is collaborative, a society can enable its members to benefit in ways that would not otherwise be possible on an individual basis; both individual and social (common) benefits can thus be distinguished, or in many cases found to overlap.

If you’re not content with the status quo, then it’s more likely that you’ll be driven to take the financial and social risks to move to another level. That’s something to celebrate, commend, and encourage.

But who’s going to work for you?

Written by Rico


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