Why Do Many Europeans Think Americans Are “Dumb”?

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Being European, growing up in Canada, living in the US for some time, but most important, dealing with Americans daily, I found this question asked on Quora interesting.

Even more interesting are some of the answers.

Here is the top answer, for now, offered by Zeron Gibson, defining himself as a logical thinker disciple of Mr. Spock, that got so far more than 90,000 views and more than 1,000 upvotes.

Having lived in the US I would suggest Americans are not dumb – they are inherently ignorant. Not in a horrible way but in true sense of the meaning of ignorance.

Each state is like its own country.
Each citizen is immersed in their state/country.
Each state/country is not concerned with the state next door or any of the other states.

If a state has little concern for neighboring states within the US, they will have even less concerns for countries outside of the US.

This goes with news coverage. Almost all news concern local news. Unless it is about some violent act or tragedy or political event, corruption or vote for Washington Office.

Many Americans do not concern themselves too much with their president unless he makes a law which could affect the Laws of their state.

When I lived in the UK the daily new was presented in Local, National and International format.

While I lived in the US I became incredibly ignorant or the world outside of America. Only international news that affected US troops or a major catastrophic world events were covered.

Money plays a huge part in the news as almost all news agencies are controlled by advertisers. Things like documentaries rate low in the US because TV and MOVIE studios have expensive show to sell. So studios make certain their presentations always come first way before international news.

I personally got around news ignorance by using the BBC world service on the internet or my phone.
Most American’s do not have the attention span to listen to world news because the way their TV shows and advertisement are looped together.

Americans are just as intelligent as any other race of people they are not dumb. They are simply ignorant of world affairs.

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