Why Do We Need the Chinese To Build Our Road To The Caribbean?

Drivig in Costa Rica. Photo by Thecouplethatdoesthings.com
Drivig in Costa Rica. Photo by Thecouplethatdoesthings.com

(TICO BULL) Am I missing something here? I just finished reporting a story where the Nicaraguans have signed a US$27 million dollar contract with a Costa Rican company to build a road to the Caribbean.

If the Nicaraguans can have confidence in a Costa Rican company, why then do the Costa Ricans need the Chinese to build a similar road to Caribbean?

Many years ago, with a good friend (who is longer with us),  we drove from Puerta Vallarta in Mexico, to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Right up to the point when we entered Costa Rica, the roads were great. The odd pothole here and there, but nothing like the “dodge the pothole” driving (as we called it) in Costa Rica, starting from the moment we entered the Costa Rican side of the land border.

I even had t-shirts made saying “I survived the potholes of Costa Rica”.

That’s how bad the roads were then, a mere three presidents ago. Since, they improved, but aren now on a quick slide back to way things were.

I can remember a time when, with every new president coming into office, we could see a pretend road maintenance program. Within months of taking office, we got new lines painted, new signs went up, we could spot crews filling in potholes, etc. By the second year of the new administration, back to the same old.

This administration didn’t even bother try to give the people that small illusion.

But I digress.

So back to my questions. If Costa Rican companies build such bad roads, why does Nicaragua, with some of the best roads in the region, trust the Costa Ricans? And if the Costa Rican’s can actually build a good road, then why do we have such bad roads? And so, why do we need the Chinese to build out – actually to a refit – the Ruta 32?

Many questions that have only one truthful answer … well, you know it too, so I don’t have to say it.

Really, this, the Nicaraguans hiring Costa Ricans to build their road, in my opinin is kudos for the Costa Rican company, but, a real slap in the face for the administrators of Pura Vida.

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