WTF Is Wrong With Cable Tica Internet?

TICO BULL – I spend hours on end online. And lately my frustation level has gone up with my Cable Tica (CT) internet service.

The challenge is that, during the last couple of weeks,  every day –  I cannot access one or more site at different times. Sites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube and Godaddy. Even my own sites, which I have control over the server and DNS configurations. The issue is even moreso with https, the secure way to connect to the internet.

The message is either that the site is not avaialble, or the doman is not found on the server or security issues. Whatever, the result is the page will not load at all or properly.

TPG-DNSThe initial reaction was it has to be my browser. I have several installed: Firefox (the workhorse), Chrome, Opera and Safari. IE is there by default, came with the machine, but I do not even have a link to it on my menu items.

But, when I switch from CT to my mobile service by Kolbi (ICE) via my smartphone connection, all sites work as they should. Of course, when I switch back to CT minutes later, all works as it should.

I used to have this problem with Tigo (Amnet cable) way back when, before switching to CT for basically the same reason and problem.

The frustrations is that in the seven months that I have been using CT, after switching from Tigo, all worked well. Until now.

CaptureI understand there is a logical explanation to all of this, the techies at CT tell me this, that and the other. But, it still remains that I don’t experience this problem with the mobile connection, while it has become common with the cable connection.

Last week, for example, I couldn’t access a couple of my sites for more than a day. After spending a better part of another day cleaning up my computer from malware, viruses and all that nasty stuff we accumulate over time, and almost an hour with tech support at my hosting companies (two of them), all at the suggestion of the techies, I realized my problem was local – not my local machine, but my local cable internet service.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Send me an email at Or am I the only one?

Armed with your comments, maybe I can get CT to maybe provide us with better service.

Written by Rico


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