Your DNA

Genetic research, conceptual computer artwork.
Genetic research, conceptual computer artwork.

(TICO BULL) The universe has been around for 13.2 billion years (according to those who know. Maybe they’re right or maybe it was created one second ago by aliens who are doing a scientific experiment and we can’t even tell).

The universe will be around for another ten trillion at least.

You will be around for another 40-60 years, give or take 100.

Your body will be dead. So will your mind. Hardware fails, but your software (your DNA) will live on.

The best thing you can do for your DNA is to leave a legacy. We know that money doesn’t work as a legacy. It disappears after a few generations. But other legacies can live for thousands of years.

Your ancestors, your ideas, the light you have shared with others.

Written by Rico


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